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Why did you work with Logan Hugeny? I get it was a commission and not everyone does work with people they particularly like but this seems to be stretching it a bit. I'm sorry, but crap autotune without any sense of rhythm that blatantly plagiarizes other songs without giving them crediting them or titling the video as a parody of said song instead of as a "musical", is not what i'd call worth while. But ayy, you got work out of it, so that's something.

Stay Safe.

ThePivotsXXD responds:

Logan is a very close friend of mine in real life, we wanted to try something together to see how it would turn out.

Ok, first of all, the glaringly obvious with this is that you blatantly stole TwistedGrim's demon design. From the lack of a mouth, to the black, muscular build with horns and red pupil-less eyes, there are too many similarities for it to be just a coincidence. Even if the design inspired you or Grim's work as a whole did, you can't just plagiarize someone else's work because it looks nice.

Apart from that, there isn't really much to say, it's a trailer, but from what i can see, it has it's pros and cons. The colours are nice and simple, they get the job done right, but the line work is very unpolished. With Flash, you have to constantly fiddle with brush settings and the lines, themselves, to get the lines you want. In this case, they just look like default flash lines, i'm sorry to say.

As for the comedy, i didn't get it, but as i said, it's only a trailer so i can't criticize in that aspect just yet.

The biggest problem i have with this was the cheekiness of stealing someone else's work and claiming it as original, i'm sorry, that is just inexcusable. Try drafting your own character design in a similar vein, just not directly tracing from that design. I hope this review helped give you some insight, and please don't plagiarize art, it doesnt look good on you, my friend.

Stay Safe.

Its been known for quite some time, even before the release of the Xbox One, that Microsoft will eventually die down. They still use alot of consumer tactics and which are still prevelent on the previous system today. It's a topic that alot of people have already spoken by now, however, i feel that you conveyed your stance on the issue, marvellously. You have some very hearty character designs with distinct expressions with a key sense of fluidity which is set a match perfectly by the floaty animation. The key poses are solid, your colour are neat and eye-grabbing and the comedic blocking is on point but all of those have ran through a majority of your cartoons as i can see, so all i can say in that regard is keep it up.

The only issue i had was with the topic itself, at this point, it's common knowledge that Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot with their practises and a number of people have discussed this over the last 3 years or so. Despite that however, with the comedic delivery along with the joyous visuals, this holds up on it's own in terms of originality.

A superb job, i look forward to the next cartoon.

Ex-Poser responds:

Hey thanks for spending time on this chunky review Conahugh! Love lengthy ones. I've certainly gone into a more smoother approach to animating when considering key poses and such, it really speeds up the animation progress twice as fast. When considering the idea on this topix, the problems with the consoles and previous ones they released before hand weren't apparent to me until I bought the newest system myself, and seeing how I was a true xbox nut to begin with made me deny all the talk about how bad and stupid they really were for a long period of time.
So I was a little late especially when the topic was totally obvious, but I hope it's still fresh for people who aren't familiar with xbox and the stupid concepts they have considered and have in place. Thanks again for the review!

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Simply put, spectacular. Here's to another 20 years of sex, violence and all things pretty.

Cheers Newgrounds x

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This is banging, lad. Great job.

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MackleNG responds:


Disgust is most definitely green.

Excellent lineart and colouring. Also, she's cute!



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